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Here I will show and decribe all equipment I am using for underwater photography and diving, so you can see how many pieces of equipment underwater photographer needs.

Picasso balck Team long fins.
Technisub Look mask.
Mares Profi Snorkel, semi-rigid and remarkably streamlined in shape, it adheres to the face to provide superior stability while swimming.
Beuchat Moorea two piece suite made from 5.5mm plush lined with nylon laminate.
Seac sub 5 mm thick boot with semi-rigid sole, height 7 inches, inner side in Standard Nylon.
Seac sub 2.5 mm thick glove in standard nylon with palm in anti-slipper PU.
Seac sub, Pro Tech BCD, the countless technical solutions and the standard equipment meet the requirements of the most demanding divers. This bcd offers practical and ergonomic solutions for any use.
Seac sub Sorius ADJ regulator
Balanced membrane 1st stage
Ports: 2 HP, 4 LP
Air supply: 2200 litres/minute at 200 BAR.
2nd stage
Compact, lightweight design, minimum volume.
Air supply: 1900 litres/minute at 200 BAR.
Sopras Sub octopus AL, highly visible yellow cover with combination of technopolymers and aluminium. Pneumatic balance.
Sopras Sub mini index 300 bar, small 300 bars pressure gauge
Sopras Sub, 15 liter tank with double valve system
Seac sub removable weight pocket + 8 kg of weights
Mares Nemo, dive computer / watch, Nemo is the most complete dive computer-watch in the world, offering all functions for dives with or without decompression. It can also be used for Nitrox mixtures. For freediving enthusiasts, it also offers the special "free-dive" mode, specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding deep divers.
Olympus XZ-1 , 10 Megapixel digital camera, The Olympus XZ-1 is the perfect combination of a compact zoom and professional SLR.
Olympus PT-050 underwater housing for XZ-1, waterproof up to a water pressure
equivalent to 40m depth.
Inon D-2000 strobe, the D-2000 is the next generation high performance multi-mode strobe from Inon.

Fisheye support tray and arm set + Inon Fibre Optical Kit

16 Gb very fast SDHC memory card for fast performance and big storage for images
4 x AA, SANYO Eneloop, NiMh (2500mAh) batteries

Olympus PTWC-1 Wide Conversion Lens
High quality wide angle conversion lens with 100° maximum viewing angle and a 'screw-on' type 67mm thread for mounting on the the camera housing.

Inon UCL-165

Inon macro lens for good closeup images.

Copyright 2008 by Hrvoje Paštar
Contact: hrvoje@pastar.net